Fiji School for the Blind




For many years we have been supporting the Fiji School for the Blind in Suva. Blind and partially sighted children from all over the Fiji islands attend the school. The dedicated members of staff do a wonderful job, but struggle with a lack of specialist equipment to help them in their work.

Over the years we have supplied such items as musical instruments, tactile games and wall hangings, talking calculators, Braille reading books (translated into Braille by inmates at HMP Wakefield), large print children’s books, talking books and Braille machines.

We have pledged to continue helping FSB and have two specific projects at present:

1.    To supply audible balls, so the children can take part in sports activities. These balls, which contain a bell to make it easy for the children to locate, are available from RNIB at a cost of approximately £15 each.


2.    To make it easier for the teachers to produce material in Braille, we are fundraising towards the purchase of Braille translator software, which translates a Word document into a Braille document. The programme then requires an embosser in order for the Braille document to be printed.


The software costs approximately £400 and the embosser £5,000.




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