1. Leaving Cattistock Church behind you, pass the Post Office on your left and walk out of the village. Just after passing Prospect Farm and the turning to Frome St. Quintin on your right, the road bends slightly to the left and you take a footpath straight ahead. Walk uphill under the trees.


  1. Go through a gate and aim for the gap in the hedge opposite (on the far side of the field). WARNING: This part can be quite marshy!


  1. Cross a stream and keep straight ahead (more boggy conditions!). Go over a stile and go very slightly to your right across the next field to a metal gate. Go through this gate and again head slightly right (aiming roughly for the building in the distance on the skyline)


  1. Pass to the right of some tree stumps and aim for the telegraph pole. Turn right on to a track and then through a metal gate.


  1. Continue on the track past farm buildings and, at the end of these buildings, turn left and skirt round to the left of the new buildings. Follow the way-marker to the road and at the road, turn left.


  1. Keep on the road (past ‘Distant Hills’!) and continue uphill past some cottages on your left (Ignore the footpath sign opposite these cottages). Continue uphill and shortly after Higher Chalmington Farm take the footpath on the right across a field to a small gate in the fence opposite and straight on to a wider gate in the top hedge.


  1. Walk along the left hand side of the field (ignoring the gate in the fence). Look around you and enjoy the wonderful views!


  1. Eventually you will come to a gate at the far end of the field. Go through the gate, turn slightly right to follow the fence in front of you (aiming for the near building ahead). Go through the next gate and then immediately left through a second gate. Follow the track downhill, passing through another gate and towards the bottom, veering right and down to the road (Be careful of string across path at this point).


  1. At the road, turn left and walk as far as the thatched cottage on the bend. Here the road bends to the left and you continue straight ahead (signposted ‘Chantmarle’) and past bungalows on your right. Go over the railway bridge and past Chantmarle Manor House & other buildings on your left. If the café is open, this is an ideal place for a cup of coffee and a rest (Any spare change placed in the Children of Fiji collecting tin on the counter will be gratefully received!)


  1. On leaving the café, retrace your steps past the Manor House and over the railway bridge. Shortly after this you take a footpath to your left diagonally across the golf course to a stile in the hedge (to the right of a telegraph pole). Continue straight ahead down a track, keeping the fence immediately to your right. Go over a stile and a bridge, then diagonally across the next field to a gap in the hedge and a telegraph pole. This part can be squelchy!
  2. Continue straight on, but keep your eyes peeled for a stile in the left hand hedge. Cross the stile and turn right. Continue to another stile. Cross this stile, go on to a gate and come out on to the road.


  1. Turn left along the road and walk through Frome St. Quintin. Shortly after Frome Farmhouse (?) the road turns sharp right. Here you continue straight ahead down a track towards Ladymead Cottage. After a while, at a junction of gates, the track becomes grassy and you continue ahead. Go through a gate and continue straight ahead to a stile. Cross the railway carefully and continue downhill to another stile. Cross a stream (be careful as the path is very narrow at this point) and go uphill straight ahead to the top right hand corner of the field. This part is very squelchy again!


  1. Go through a small gate and immediately sharp left uphill to a gap in the top left hand corner. Go along the fence and through a gate on the left. Turn right and head for small metal gate. Go through the gate and then straight ahead (farm buildings on your right) uphill until you are confronted by 2 metal gates. Go through the left hand gate (to the right of the cattle trough). Keep to the top edge of this field to a gate in the top right corner. Turn left and keep along the left hand hedge of this sweetcorn field.


  1.  At the corner of the field you go through a gap in the hedge to a grassy field, through another gap opposite and through a second field to a small gate. This leads you into another sweetcorn field. Skirt around the left hand edge of this field until you come to a stile in the bottom fence (level with a tree in the centre of the field). Go over the stile and cross the bridge over the stream.


  1. Go through a little spinney and out on to a track. Turn right along the track. Pass a house on the right and go straight ahead to the road (East Hill). Turn left along the road, passing the village hall on the left. Go uphill and take the first road on your left (Summer Lane).


  1. Opposite the entrance to Summer Lodge, turn left through a gate and continue slightly to the right across a field to a gap in the hedge in the top right hand corner (follow the Macmillan Way signs from here). Follow the hedge on the right, ignoring a track to the right and any other gates/escapes in this right hand hedge to the far end of the field. Go through the gate straight ahead and follow the direction of the footpath sign across the field to a gate leading on to a lane.


  1. Go through the gate and turn left down the lane. Go past some cottages on your left and turn left in front of the farmhouse. Pass to the left of a Dutch barn and follow the Macmillan route right down a track. Ignore the gate straight ahead, but go through a gate to the right, then left through a gate (still signposted the Macmillan Way).


  1.  Keep along the left hand fence and, where the fence bends to the left, keep straight ahead across the field to a metal gate. Go across the next field and through another gate. Head for the bottom corner of the field and through a small gate on the left hand edge of a copse.
  2. Cross the football field to the opposite corner and then follow the track down through the trees. At the tarmac road, turn right (if you turn left, you have the chance of a second cup of coffee!) and through a wooden gate. Go up the road until you come to a footpath sign on your left. Turn up here and then turn right to a hunting gate. Go through this gate and straight over the field to a post and footpath sign opposite.


  1. Cross the farm drive and enter the field opposite. Walk across the field (North Holway Farm lies to your left) to a gate in the far corner of the field. Go through the gate and continue across the next field to a small metal gate opposite. Bear right across the next field to a gate positioned to the left of a round trough. Go across the next field to a gate (to the right of heaps of tyres!). Keep the tyres close on your left and head for the left hand of the 2 gates facing you. Go through this gate, turn right and then left on to the road. At the road junction, turn left. Go over the railway bridge, walk through Sandhills and back into Cattistock.